Construction workers using modular blocks - Advantages of Modular Blocks in Construction

Unlocking the Power of Modular Blocks: Advantages, Strength, and Efficiency

  • Enhanced Durability: When it comes to strength, modular blocks are second to none. These blocks undergo a meticulous process of compaction with high pressure and vibration, resulting in highly durable structures that can withstand severe weight. By choosing modular blocks, you can ensure that your buildings are resilient and long-lasting.
  • Accelerated Construction: Speed is of the essence in construction, and modular blocks excel in this area. Firstly, their lighter weight, approximately 7kg lighter than standard blocks, significantly increases productivity and facilitates rapid construction work. This weight reduction allows for easier handling and faster installation. Additionally, the structural and dimensional accuracy of modular blocks streamlines the construction process, saving valuable time on the site.
  • Cost Efficiency: We understand the importance of cost savings in construction projects. With modular blocks, you can enjoy several cost advantages. Firstly, their reduced weight leads to reduced transportation costs. A load of modular blocks can cover an impressive 167 sqm, while standard blocks only cover 111 sqm. Secondly, the use of modular blocks requires less mortar. For example, in a standard mix of two wheelbarrows of river sand and a bag of cement, you can construct 5.4 sqm using the modular blocks, while standard blocks allow for 3.94 sqm. These efficiency gains contribute to significant cost reductions, making modular blocks a cost-effective choice.
  • Minimized Wastage: We are dedicated to optimizing resources and minimizing waste. Modular blocks are specifically designed with a smaller hollow and a thicker base, resulting in reduced wastage of mortar during construction. This reduction in mortar wastage per square meter compared to standard blocks allows for efficient resource utilization and cost savings.

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